Frequently Asked Questions

Are your programs suitable for all ages and abilities?

Our Silver and Gold programs are suitable for all ages and abilities as they are designed for your individual specific needs.
To purchase one of our packs you must be over 18 Years of age. If you are a parent, guardian or coach of an athlete under the age of 18 and require a program please message us via our contact page

I’m not too sure which online pack is right for me.

If you’re not sure what program is right for you, we can help, please message us via our contact page.

How many training sessions per week do you receive with the online packs?

The amount of training routines you receive per week will depend on your specific needs and the pack you subscribe too, along with building your requirements into your existing weekly schedule. Our Bronze pack contains up to 3 basic training sessions per week. Our Silver Package contains 4 personalised routines per week along with recovery sessions. Our Gold pack is designed for athletes that require 7 day per week content.

What type of training sessions will I receive?

The type of training session you receive will depend on your sport, your individual requirements, your age and level of ability. Your training plan will be designed specifically for you once we have discussed your requirements via the contact page.

What type of coaching feedback and support will I receive?

Coaching feedback is of the highest quality and is available via the contact page during the initial FREE consultation, along within the Gold (weekly), Silver (fortnightly) and Bronze (monthly) subscriptions.  You are encouraged to contact the coach with any relevant questions relating to your personalized training plan to keep you on track with achieving your goals.

Do I need to subscribe to a specific pack to receive a training program?

Yes. To receive a training program you must subscribe to one of our packs, contact us today to discuss what pack best suits your requirements.

Can you explain what the physical assessments are and why I need to complete them?

Our Super 6 High Performance physical assessments are a range of effective exercises, drills and routines that are measurable and create a comprehensive list of data. The data will help assess your current abilities, bringing accuracy to your program. This data can also be used to measure improvements over time, ensuring your program is effective, along with ranking you against other athletes if required.

What is the training data review and how will that benefit me?

All our programs and routines are specifically designed for you to record your training data. You are encouraged to review this training data with the coach helping to assess your current training ability and performance. The benefits of reviewing your training data with the coach ensures your program is working efficiently, that your training load is accurate for your specific needs and helping with future program design.


NOTE: All prices are in Australian Dollars.

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Junior Athletic Development Program 
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