Physical and emotional development for young aspiring athletes.

Come train at the home of S6HP, recieve the very best coaching and mentoring to enable you to fulfil your potential in sport and life.

For athletes aged 8 to 21.

We pride ourselves in being inclusive and treat everyone as an individual, our programs reflect this.

Our facilities include a professionally equipped gym, synthetic athletics track, outdoor Astro turf area and a full size high quality football field.

60 minute sessions

Session by session $25

10 Session Pack $220

20 Session Pack $400

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Physical and emotional development for young persons with a disability’.

The I’MPossible program is a structured school term based program.

Each session runs for 1hr.

We focus on movement mechanics-strength-speed-agility-mindfulness-nutrition.

We cater for physical and intellectual disabilities

We are able to support athletes and participants from ages of 9years+

We provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment that will enrich their lives.

You can use active kids vouchers or your NDIS funding or both.

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Physical  development for athletes in the wider wider community.

$50 per 10 week program.

This fantastic resource is great value ensuring all young athletes, coaches and teams receive the best support required for them to fulfil their potential in sport and life.

It is especially beneficial for young athletes who live and train outside the Western Sydney area.

The Content  Offers

Useful hints and tips / Training programs / Demonstration videos and tutorials.

Everything the athlete needs to improve their game.

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Our unique high performance school holiday program.

This is an opportunity for all young athletes to fast track their potential.

9am to 2pm $150

The C.A.M.P.S program gives young athletes the tools and understanding of how to merge the mind and body, the route to high performance.

We achieve our great outcomes by utilizing interactive workshops and practical sessions in a safe nurturing environment.

We can deliver this program at our S6HP HQ or externally at schools, sports clubs or federations on request.

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For more information follow the “contact us” link above.


Our unique high performance program will be available for young aspiring players between the ages of 12 and 18years of age.

Starting this off-season our Academy program will ensure all our young athletes get the best opportunity to fulfil their potential by offering the very best coaching and mentoring within a nurturing high-performance environment.

Our Curriculum focusses on delivering what we believe to be the crucial aspects of sporting development with a long term athletic development focus.

Our curriculum has four specific areas which are:

Athletic Assessment

 Anthropometry / Speed / Agility / Strength / Stamina

 Skill Development

Tackle Technique / Play the Ball / Defensive Structure / Pass / Catch / Carry / Kick

 Physical Development

Strength / Speed / Fitness / Recovery / Nutrition

 Mental Skills

Self-Awareness / Understanding Pressure and how to defeat it / Finding your hidden gains


“A day in the life of a V 8 Race driver”.

We are excited to introduce to you our unique corporate team building and leadership event

Designed by leading specialists in the field of Motorsport and High Performance Sports this is a fantastic opportunity to participate in a truly unique experience offering you and your company an exciting racing driver experience while developing team building and leadership skills in a fun but challenging environment.


Based at our headquarters at Sydney Motorsport Park, we offer the very best resources and expertise

available to ensure you have an incredible experience as well as developing skills and behaviours that can

be transferred to the workplace.


Along with having the opportunity to learn the skills associated with and the experience of driving a V8 Supercar, our Program will also help you and your corporate team:

  • Develop Leadership skills
  • Improved Driving Skills
  • Greater Awareness of Health & Wellness
  • Team Cohesion
  • Boosting Team Morale
  • Employee Engagement
  • Positive Collaboration
  • Effective and Efficient Cross Team Communication


Carl Jennings NZBM, MExerSc Elite Performance Coach has created this unique program utilizing his extensive knowledge experience and expertise accumulated over a 30 year high performance coaching career.

Available to professional sports teams, elite athlete or a high achiever in business, we create positive change and ultimately consistent elite performance, through the development of enhanced personal awareness, physical peak and emotional intelligence within the high performance environment.

Due to the level of detail and time associated with this program Carl can only works with a select few clients each year.