Supercharge your junior athletes performance with Super 6HP.

It is a long road from junior athleticism to adult sporting success. Too often, we hear of young athletes careers being cut short due to injuries, burn out and various other behavioral problems.

At Super 6HP, we believe in doing better by our young athletes. It is our mission to supply them with the tools they need to develop into healthy, successful adult athletes and give them the greatest chance of sporting success possible.

No two athletes are the same. We understand not all young athletes develop at the same rate, and come from differing backgrounds, so we cater to the athlete as the individual and give them the attention and care they deserve.

From early childhood to maturation, we go through various stages, the timing of which depends on many factors, genetic and environmental. These stages, and varied rates at which individual athletes pass through them to reach maturation, need to be considered when structuring programs for long-term athletic development.

Despite this many coaches take a short-term approach, over-emphasizing immediate results, rather than developing individual athletes for long term success. This decision can make or break an athlete. It potentially stifles individual growth, with many athletes never achieving a solid base level of athleticism to to serve as a foundation. With this approach the risk of injury increases which can lead to athletic careers ending prematurely.

At Super 6HP we take a holistic approach to developing individual athletes skills and ability. It is our responsibility to look after our athletes, one that we take very seriously as we recognize that there are no short-cuts. In fact research has concluded it takes approximately 10 years or 10,000 hours of training for a talented athlete to reach elite levels of athletic ability.

With this in mind it is essential that we implement an effective, accurate training program structure to develop a solid foundation. To ensure our athletes success we provide a nurturing, professional environment, crucial to getting the best of their abilities, based on the pillars of Humility, Sacrifice, Loyalty, Mental toughness/increased resilience, Following their dreams, and Hard Work.

If you want to give your junior athletes the best chance at success speak to us at Super HP. We have flexible training options for either in person or online coaching, and our coaches genuinely care about our young athletes. We provide a positive, enriching environment, appropriate training content, and instill a strong work ethic that requires a tough approach from the player to succeed.What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Super6HP today.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Super6HP today.